Message from our Chairman

Dear all members of RFC family,

Our target is to become the prestige and elite company, using the power of union as foundation and promote our cultural strength to develop RFC grow stabilised and reach to new high achievements in financial market.

In the society which is incredible fast grown of knowledge and technology, there were hundreds of companies founded and stabilised developed for hundreds years just because knowing how to build the foundations of corporate culture. In order to promote forties and limit deficiencies.

With RFC, corporate culture is being built, maintained and promoted by great desires, aspirations and determinations. We, for the great RFC, always committed to observe our behaviour principals and forwarding to identify RFC core values.

The determinations of building RFC corporate culture need all staffs to consider as priority mission and responsibilities of us all.

One man cannot build up the culture of RFC, therefore, each members need to support and help others to complied. As the result, each person become a good individual in the good community culture, for the development of company, colleagues and for themselves.

Best wishes for our RFC very soon to achieve success and achievements in business as in happiness of each members RFC.


Phnom Penh 17th October 2016


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